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Sleep Disorders and Truck Accidents

Why Truck Driver Fatigue Is So Dangerous | Colombo Law | WV

While it can be so obvious that tired drivers are always much more likely to end up causing crashes, most people do not understand how common this is. We have to acknowledge that in many situations, there is a very high risk that sleep problems can end up leading to crashes. This is particularly the case with jobs that require you to stay long hours on the road, like the truck driver position.

Tired drivers are actually 3 times more likely to end up in car crashes. Whenever hit by a truck, make sure to contact the authorities and an attorney to help you since the collision will surely be serious. Mike Morse Law Firm is a top-rated car accident law firm in Michigan you can contact if you need help.

The Likelihood of Being in A Crash

Statistics show us that drivers affected by sleep disorders are more likely … Read the rest