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What Should Be Known About Whiplash Injuries After Car Accidents?

Car Accidents

Being involved in car accidents is traumatic. This is especially the case when you experience conditions like whiplash, which happens when tendons or muscles in your back or neck move fast in a completely unnatural way. This causes a lot of strain and the actual injury. Whiplash injury symptoms, according to specialists at Regan Zambri Long car accident lawyers, tend to appear hours or even weeks after the crash. This means you might not actually get treatment when you actually need it.

The Most Common Type of Soft Tissue Injury

Whiplash is experienced by over two million people in the US every single year. It is often associated with car accidents, but this injury can even appear when you fall in an awkward way. You even often see it in sports like boxing, hockey, and football.

Several whiplash symptoms can appear, and you can experience them. Usually, everything starts … Read the rest